• William Dean

How Ohana Law Firm provides excellent representation to clients

Updated: May 11

Our representation style hinges on excellent client communication, hard work, and a willingness to fight hard to accomplish what the client wants. If you call Ohana Law Firm, your call will go straight to an attorney and bypass receptionists and support staff. Once we represent you, your attorney will call you very often to get the information and support from you that we need to do an excellent job representing you. The more the attorney and client communicate, the more facts will be discovered. The side with best understanding of the facts will usually win a case. We work very hard to collect the information we need

We start work on cases immediately. Our business model is to finish cases so that our calendar is cleared to handle the next case. We make our money on volume, not on extracting every possible dollar from clients. We will typically move your case forward every week. We constantly strategize on what must be done to complete the transaction or solve the dispute.

Ohana Law Firm fights hard for our clients' interests. Ohana Law Firm attains excellent settlement results by being willing and able to go all the way through the extensive litigation process.

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