Signing a Contract





Governments can use Ohana Law Firm’s counsel as part of its Public-Private Partnership (PPP) team to design, establish, and manage PPP projects. Ohana Law Firm specializes in major software projects that are large enough to be characterized as an infrastructure project.

Ohana Law Firm combines real-world legal skills with deep knowledge about how government agencies work — from their legislative and decision-making processes and political environments to financing tools.

Ohana Law Firm is an innovator in the design of Public-Private Partnership structures and contracts, so that the PPP structure itself does not inadvertently harm the interests of governments and key participants. Ohana Law Firm has designed a trust-based framework that can be used to cost-effectively manage the many relationships involved.

Ohana Law Firm has deep expertise in software architecture and can help translate governmental policies and goals into lines of software code. Ohana Law Firm knows how to identify inaccurate claims and inflated bids that are often present in contractor proposals and ensure that the software design is simple, high-performance, and can be built on time and on budget. Ohana Law Firm can help government leaders and program offices assess whether software projects are on track or are in danger of failing.

Ohana Law Firm speaks the language of PhDs and professors at the leading edge of thought in software, and will certainly understand and effectively communicate with companies and engineers charged with building major software systems.

Ohana Law Firm can assist you with many aspects of a PPP project. We are fully versed in all issues facing both public and private parties in all types of infrastructure arrangements, including public-private partnerships, concessions, leases and alternative public-private funding structures.